The admission process is managed by each Education Center campus and the requirements are in accordance with the Affirmative Action Plan and Selection Procedures for each program of study. In general, the admission process includes an informational meeting with the Program Director, sitting for any required exams, an interview with the program’s advisory committee, and signing the apprenticeship contract. Details can be found at the website for each campus and in their respective student handbooks.

All applicants, regardless of training program, are required to meet the following minimum standards:

Admissions Requirements:

1.) Must be 18 years of age and provide reliable proof of birth date;

2.) Must have high school diploma or GED and provide transcripts or official GED report; At the time of apprenticeship admission, a student without high school diploma or GED is advised that he/she will not be eligible to be admitted to WSCC or any degree programs. The student might be given an opportunity to secure the high school diploma or GED prior to graduation to join WSCC.

3.) Must submit copy of current valid driver’s license

Disclaimer: WSCC offers apprenticeship programs approved by the US Department of Labor. WSCC is a degree granting institution. 

Student Handbook

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Please contact a Program Director for more information about specific program requirements.
Andrew Gilliland

Colorado Statewide Sheet Metal Campus

Andrew Gilliland

Colorado Springs Plumber, Pipefitter, & HVAC Campus

Beto Herrera

Cheyenne Plumber & Pipefitter Campus

Daniel Meyer

Denver Plumber Campus

Johnnie Norris

Denver Pipefitter Campus

Eric Ortega

Grand Junction Plumber & Pipefitter Campus

Daniel Schulte
Brian Summers

Grand Junction Sheet Metal Campus

Brian Summers
WSCC does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status.