WSCC Outstanding Citizen Award

WSCC’s outstanding citizen award was established in the summer of 2020 to recognize an individual or a team from WSCC’s educational centers that have made a significant and lasting impact in our community. This award is honored each year in November.

Any member of WSCC may be nominated for this award. All nominations are due June 1st.

WSCC Cares Outstanding Citizen Nomination Form

Training Directors & Assistant Training Directors, 2023 Recipients

Plumbers Local 3, Johnnie Norris

Sheetmetal Workers Local 9, Andy Gilliland, Peter Carlson, Brian Summers

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 58, Beto Herrera.

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 145, Daniel Schulte.

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 192, Dan Meyer.

Pipefitters Local 208, Eric Ortega, Joe Peneton.

“Johnnie Norris is a true asset to the plumbing industry and especially the Local 3 apprenticeship program. He is always looking for the next way to improve the pathway for apprentices coming through the program. He is a determined self-starter and never backs down from a challenge. On top of his daily duties, he has never turned down an opportunity to serve on any board or committee related to the plumbing industry. He has a true concern for the well-being and development of our apprentices and has a knack for connecting with them, all the while still getting them to produce in the classroom and in the field. It is an honor to work side by side with him!” – Sean Wyatt, Business Manager, Plumbers Local 3

“For nearly two decades, Andy Gilliland has worked for the SMART Local 9 Sheet Metal Workers’ Joint Apprenticeship Training Center, providing the one true constant that our program has needed. Andy has always stepped up and taken the call to assist apprentices and journeymen alike; whether it’s assisting members and instructors in the creation of a membership assistance program (MAP) for helping those dealing with addiction or mental health issues or remaining diligent and detail-oriented in the successful application to the Sheet Metal Workers International Training Institute, applying for and achieving platinum status within our International Association. This status propelled our program into becoming one of only two campuses nationwide offering the SMART Heroes Veteran’s direct entry program. To date the SMART Heroes Program has graduated over 200 apprentices into the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association, helping provide a second career for those who have served us all. Andy is a true asset not only to SMART Local 9 and our International Association, but to our industry, and I am both proud and honored to know that he’s a part of my team.” – Jon Alvino, Business Manager, Sheetmetal Workers Local 9

“With a career deeply rooted in the sheet metal industry since 2007, our newly appointed J.A.T.C. Coordinator -Peter Carlson- for the Colorado Springs school has an impressive trajectory. What sets Peter apart is his passion for teaching which emerged during his time in architectural sheet metal. Observing a genuine joy in imparting knowledge and witnessing the growth of others, he decided to transition into education. Serving as an architectural instructor for local 10 for an impactful five-year tenure, our coordinator honed his skills in shaping the next generation of sheet metal professionals. Today, Mr. Carlson brings his wealth of experience and passion to the role of Training Coordinator for the Colorado Sheetmetal Workers Joint Apprenticeship within local 9 Colorado Springs.  His commitment to education, professional development, and the broader sheet metal community is evident.” – Andy Gilliland, Statewide Local 9 Sheetmetal Training Director

“With over four decades of dedicated service in the sheet metal industry, Brian Summers stands as a seasoned professional and integral figure within the Grand Junction apprenticeship program. A second-generation member of SMART Local 9, Brian embodies the essence of the program, serving as its cornerstone. Throughout his extensive career, Brian has adeptly balanced the preservation of traditional apprenticeship models with a forward-looking approach that seamlessly integrates new technologies and addresses evolving industry demands. Brian Summers as an integral part of the Colorado Sheet Metal Workers Joint Apprenticeship. His unwavering commitment is a testament to his invaluable contributions to the program’s success. His wealth of experience, dedication to mentorship, and adaptability to industry changes make him an exceptional coordinator, shaping the next generation of skilled professionals in the sheet metal trade.” – Andy Gilliland, Statewide Local 9 Sheetmetal Training Director

“We at local 58 are fortunate to have Beto Herrera as Training Director for our campus.  Even though his dedication to the apprentices, membership and the UA is unmatched, and it often goes unappreciated he continues to work tirelessly for the program.  Even though Beto is not one for accolades and he doesn’t do what he does for them I would like to recognize him for all he does for the JATC and the membership of Local 58.  He has implemented new programs along with new state of the art training labs making it possible to double the number of apprentices in our program since he has been in position.  Beto has been an asset to Local 58 and our apprenticeship program and I hope he is here for some time to come.” – Dale Thrower, Business Manager, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 58

“Daniel Shulte has been the Training Coordinator for UA Local 145 for almost seven and half years.  Daniel for very involved with all aspects of the training department.  He is not only the Training Director but also an instructor and the Locals CWI (Certified Welding Inspector).  His favorite part of the job is when his apprentices get that “Uh huh” moment when the light bulb clicks in their heads, and everything comes together for them.  He leads his apprentices with integrity and courage, setting an example for others to follow.” – Brian Almquist, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 145

“Dan Meyer has been a Local 192 member for 25 years. He went through the apprenticeship in 1997 and worked in the field as a pipefitter and on his last job in the field he was a General Foreman for Azco in Cheyenne. Dan became the Training Director in 2020 for Local 192. He is a great asset to Local 192 and I’m glad to have him part of our team!” – Rich Martin, Business Manager, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 192

“Eric Ortega’s dedication to our program is second to none!  From the first day he started as Training Director he jumped headfirst into the position while contributing countless hours to improving educational opportunities to our apprentices and journeyworkers.  I wish all our members were able to witness the amount of sacrifice he’s willing to make for the betterment of our training program and their career development needs.  Local 208, our officers, and our members are lucky to have someone with the passion, commitment, and dedication that Eric brings to work every single day!” – Gary Arnold, Business Manager, Denver Pipefitters Local 208

“Denver Pipefitters Local 208 is lucky to have our friend and brother, Joe Peneton serving as the Assistant Training Director.  Joe is a tremendous asset to our training program, our apprentices, our members and our local.  He comes to work every day with an unrelenting drive to help our instructors and apprentices succeed.  His steady and positive attitude is contagious, when things get stressful or apprentices are feeling the pressure of our demanding program, his unshakable support makes all the difference in the world.  Joe is a special person, and every single member is lucky to have him fighting in our corner.” – Gary Arnold, Business Manager, Denver Pipefitters Local 208