WSCC Outstanding Citizen Award

WSCC’s outstanding citizen award was established in the summer of 202 to recognize an individual or a team from WSCC’s educational centers that have made a significant and lasting impact in our community. This award is honored each year in November.

Any member of WSCC may be nominated for this award. All nominations are due June 1st.

WSCC Cares Outstanding Citizen Nomination Form

Dave Davia, 2022 Recipient

Dave’s industry experience combined with his passion to support and advance the vision and mission of WSCC make him ideal for this award. I have known Dave for over fifteen years as a member of the Colorado State University Construction Management Department’s executive advisory council, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association, and a natural leader. Dave is driven by his passion to advance construction education, our industry, and making a difference in the lives of everyone around him.

Dave continues to play a key and critical role in driving the establishment of WSCC. He engaged in the early stages of the development of WSCC including establishing the partnership with the American Council for Construction education (ACCE), building the college infrastructure, securing state recognition, and being a resource to support the college. Today, Dave remains committed to the vision and the strategic goals of WSCC. 

Dave is a passionate and dedicated leader. Everyone that has had the opportunity to work with him can sense his commitment and dedication to the construction industry.  

Congratulations, Dave! 

Mostafa Khattab, President