Check out the Classroom Experience!

As a student at WSCC, you will spend most of your time learning on the job. Check out some of our projects below!

Tolin Mechanical Chiller Plant Upgrade, Denver Colorado. Project Value: $4,758,891
US Engineering Prospect High School. Broomfield, Colorado. Project Value: $20,900,000
Tolin ABM GSA Energy HVAC Upgrades Project. Denver, CO. Project Value: $3,109,551
Olson Vestas Wind Turbine Facility. Pueblo, CO.
Olson St Francis Medical Center. Colorado Springs, CO. Project Value: $29,492,019
Olson Broadmoor Cloud Camp. Colorado Springs, CO. Project Value: $1,342,833
Holly Frontier Refining in Cheyenne, Wyoming including maintenance and capital projects. Average yearly project cost between 10 and 15 million.
Murphy Fab Shop completes 255 projects annually. Average project value: $3,109,551