Transportation & Construction GIRL Event Host Successful 2022 Event

Denver Pipefitters Campus hosted an interactive booth at the Transportation and Construction GIRL Event on September 29th, 2022. The booth was hosted by 5th year apprentice, Jessica and 2nd year apprentice, Thalia. Jessica and Thalia demonstrated key skills learned as a pipefitter apprentice including welding and soldering. 

Jessica informed event attendees of the career the apprenticeship has offered her which includes high hourly pay, health benefits, excellent training and mentorship. Jessica also informed students of how Western States College of Construction is paving the way for future apprentices to have additional opportunities in higher education. 

Thalia, a former marine, talked about her path into the apprenticeship. She stated while in college for engineering she realized she wanted to work with her hands and was drawn toward welding. This led her to connect with Denver’s Pipefitter Campus. Thalia states that she has obtained the best training and education in her current role. 

Denver Pipefitters Campus is working to empower women to seek lucrative and successful careers in the trade. To learn more about starting a career in the trades, visit our admissions page to find a campus location near you.